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Remittances and Development in the ACP-EU Dialogue

Remittances and Development in the ACP-EU Dialogue

Inclusive remittances for all, through innovation and price reduction

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:45
Remittances – money migrants send home – play an important role in development as they are a steady, reliable source of investment that helps millions of individuals and households to raise living standards, improve health, education, entrepreneurship and in many instances they can foster financial inclusion. This is especially true for African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, which present some of the highest remittance dependency ratios in the world. Despite multiple efforts and international commitments, challenges still remain. Sending remittances has a high cost and there are many obstacles to access affordable formal remittance channels. This session will develop tangible ideas, as well as focus on practical hands-on solutions and innovation for working towards inclusive remittances for all.

Organised by

    Tauhid Pasha
    Senior Specialist for Labour Mobility and Human Development
    International Organization for Migration
    Mathieu Jacques
    Programme Manager for the ACP-EU Migration Action
    International Organization for Migration
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