Global Health Policy Forum

Stakeholder consultation: A new EU Global Health Strategy

Auditorium 500
Special Event
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
12:05 to 16:05

During the May 2021 Global Health Summit, President von der Leyen committed to the relaunch of the Global Health Policy Forum (GHPF).

With the announcement of a new EU Global Health Strategy in May 2022, the relaunch of the Forum formed part of the EU’s stakeholder consultation process to develop the Strategy.

The Forum had two main topics:

  1. Towards a new EU Global Health Strategy
  2. Sustainable funding for Global Health

Participants were able to provide input on issues such as priority setting, partnerships, effectiveness and financing.


This forum allowed for intervention from stakeholders on how to develop the EU Global Health Strategy. The discussion highlighted the importance of inclusiveness, not only in terms of ensuring that the strategy supports those disproportionately affected by poor health services, but also by ensuring that the voices of all partner countries are heard. The EU must build on partner countries’ priorities and move away from the old model of global health based on donor recipient partnerships, and towards mutually beneficial partnerships. The strategy must be holistic and integrate education, community, digitalisation and climate resilience.

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