Restoring Lesotho’s catchment areas for a water-secure future in Southern Africa

ReNOKA (‘we are a river’) is a co-custodial network to improve Lesotho’s green infrastructure and human livelihoods in Southern Africa

Global village – Stand
Global Village / Stand

Lesotho is considered the water tower of Southern Africa. It feeds the Orange-Senqu river, which is of vital importance for regional livelihoods, economy and environment. Today, Lesotho’s catchments are threatened by severe ecosystem degradation. To protect this vital resource, Lesotho embarked on a national programme for Integrated Catchment Management known as ReNOKA (‘we are a river’). It aims to improve livelihoods and economic development for today’s and future generations through the conservation of biodiversity, land, and water resources in the catchment areas of the rivers in Lesotho.

Organised by

Ministry of Water, Kingdom of Lesotho


Technical advisor
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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