How to make the most of the Team Europe Partnerships Portal

A new era of working better together

Agora space
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
11:30 to 11:50

This session pitched the Team Europe Partnerships Portal, from its goals to its functionalities, in a 20-minute TED Talk- like presentation. TEPP is a platform to support partner countries in finding innovative, effective and efficient tools that can help achieve the SDGs, eradicate poverty and address inequality and build inclusive and sustainable societies. The platform creates a bridge between members of Team Europe and partner countries, supporting the emergence of partnerships. It provides key information about Team Europe providers’ (Who) goods and services, including technical expertise support (What) that is accessible to partner countries, European Delegations and Member States Embassies and offices in the field (Where).


The Team Europe Partnership Portal is a ‘match-making’ platform for partner countries offering solutions in the field of sustainable development. It brings governments, NGOs, private companies and many diverse organisations together in a ‘one stop shop’ location that is designed to be user-friendly, secure and part of Europe’s Global Gateway strategy. It covers a wide range of sectors including energy, environment, agriculture, science, human rights and migration. The portal is now open for registration: public, private and financial organisations are encouraged to sign up!

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Director at INTPA
Matthew GREEN
Communications Director

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