Green Infrastructure to promote Economic and Industrial Growth in Africa

How Early Project Preparation Can Deliver Quality Infrastructure.

Brainstorming Room 1
Brainstorming Sessions
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
17:00 to 17:45

Africa’s infrastructure development opportunities are discussed but a deeper discussion with practical solutions is critical. This session motivated such a discussion on green integrated corridors and trade to accelerate climate-resilient infrastructure using early project preparation and guarantee mechanisms. Thus, creating unprecedented trade and investment opportunities within Africa and with other global trade blocks.

In current trivial times, where Africa is looking within, a paradigm shift is pivotal to deliver its integrated corridors approach. Then how do the current project preparation and climate finance opportunities better benefit African countries. Furthermore, the session also discussed how the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) serves as a framework for boosting intra-Africa trade and developing intra-regional supply chains.


The participants were invited to discuss how to promote green infrastructure in Africa with a view to furthering economic and industrial growth in the region. Speakers stressed that the green approach is crucial as it can not only help to create jobs but can also reduce the negative impact with regard to migration and biodiversity loss, and inspire intra-migration on the continent.

Participants brainstormed ideas that would inspire businesses to invest in climate-resilient infrastructure in Africa and discussed the factors required to create sustainable and inclusive supply chains. Suggestions such as creating policy and financial solutions to encourage investment in green corridors, raising awareness of Africa’s green capacity among investors, and involving women in the digital transition were put forward during the session.

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