Empowering digital innovation in Africa

The role of local tech entrepreneurs in the continental digital transformation

Studio 2
Project/ Report Presentation
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
14:35 to 15:20

Focuses on tech sector development in 11 African countries; offers insights into digital development in Africa. Highlights key role of the Netherlands government and the European Commission to build capacity among tech startups and digital entrepreneurs. Implemented by the International Trade Centre, it built on the experience of the Youth Empowerment Project in The Gambia and the Netherlands Trust Fund IV project in Uganda and Senegal; and the NTF V Fast Tracking Digital Entrepreneurship programme in seven new countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Rwanda, Republic of Tanzania, Zambia.


The session highlighted the importance of digital innovation in Africa, which can foster the creation of more successful businesses. The speakers noted that it is crucial to study the local reality and recognise individual needs and involve beneficiaries in designing programmes for entrepreneurs. It was stressed that many people still continue to work in the area of agriculture, while the focus today is put on providing services. The need to bolster fast growth in Africa was highlighted, with the subject of the hubs constituting a core element for developing start-ups being discussed. The need to encourage entrepreneurs to go back to the hubs following the COVID-19 pandemic was also emphasised.

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Martin LABBE
Tech Sector Development Coordinator
International Trade Centre
Malick DIOUF
Chef de Division Innovation et Animation d'écosystème
Délégation générale à l'Entrepreneuriat Rapide des Femmes et des Jeunes

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Empowering digital innovation in Africa

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