Leveraging on Digital Technology for Inclusive Youth Development

Digital technology, Green Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment

Agora space
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
12:40 to 13:00

Two CSOs, COSPE and Positive Planet are working with the Business, Job creation and Entrepreneurship cluster of the AU - EU Youth Cooperation hub to implement  "A  Green Start" a business incubation programme in five African countries ( Burkina Faso, Senegal, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) targeting young entrepreneurs.


A CSO representative and a young entrepreneur were engaged during the "How to session" by a facilitator. The CSO shared information on the specific digital technology developed to engage young entrepreneurs to develop and sustain their green businesses, the successes, challenges and the way forward. The CSO also elaborated on initial challenges faced and how they overcame the challenges to make it attractive for young entrepreneurs.


The young entrepreneur in a green business shared experiences on the uptake and usage of the digital technology, the impact of digital technology.


The panel heard about the importance of talking about education before thinking about green tools. This approach would help to address problems of gender balance, notably when girls do not go to school, and of language skills in places where hundreds of tribal languages exist. A lack of access to the internet for many schools during the COVID-19 pandemic created a huge educational divide. The panel concluded that digitalisation offers green opportunities but that education does not all have to be digitalised, with in person education vital for language, social and basic human skills.


Aba Esther ESHUN
Young Expert, Business Job Creation and Enterpreneurship
AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub
Liaison Officer
European External Action Service

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