3KTC - 3.000 tribal chiefs guardians of sacred forests

Gathering 3.000 Tribal Chiefs in an engaged art endeavour to protect the Congo Basin's primary forest

3KTC- 3.000 Tribal Chiefs guardians of the forests set a first strong milestone towards the development of a major carbon capture and certification program in the Congo Basin region, in the wake of the program “1 Billion Trees for the climate by 2023”, initiative of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Felix Tshisékédi.

3KTC program aims to reference, photograph, and commit,  3,000 tribal chiefs from the regions bordering the primary forest of the Congo Basin.

With a potential to capture and conserve 3.5M tCO2 over 10 years, the commitment of these  chiefs represents an opportunity to unite environmental institutions, private companies, and local governments around a unique initiative to protect a major lung of the planet.

ART Direction - photographer Serge Anton (www.sergeanton.be ) who  trains and supervises 100 local photographers to produce a collection of images  of the 3.000 tribal chiefs .

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