Starting small, falling fast and learning to become more resilient

African cities’ journey towards digital transformation through pilot projects and experimentations

Studio 4
Project/ Report Presentation
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
12:05 to 12:50

How can cities apply the lean approach and learn from it? What is needed for local governments to test project digital & tech ideas in this way and which are the benefits? We looked into these questions and some more through the experience of 3 African cities.

The event presented cross initiatives and projects from diverse African cities involved in digital transition journeys. The discussion focused on their experiences, implementing a pilot project as part of their long-term plan to develop digital tools and practices to become more sustainable and inclusive cities. Cities shared their experience engaging in an experiment and debated with the audience to provide recommendations on how to adopt innovative and inspiring practices.


Hamadou Yalcouye, a local coordinator in Bamako, presented a platform to implement a local transport tax, while Martin Ssekajja presented an incident reporting platform in Kampala. Both panellists agreed that having been able to test the platforms before implementing them helped make these platforms more efficient and better accepted, not only by the local authorities -  who took ownership of these products -, but also by the users, the inhabitants of these two cities. They also stressed the importance of the exchanges within the ASToN network, which helps cities share their experiences.

Organised by


Simina LAZAR
African Smart Towns Network
Coordinateur local
Agence de Développement Régional de Bamako, coordinateur local ASToN
Kampala Capital City Authority

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Starting small, falling fast and learning to become more resilient

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