Bridging the data gap for climate change, early warning, peace, and security

Hands-on demo and trial of Strata, UNEP’s climate security analytics tool

Agora space
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
15:00 to 15:20

UNEP developed Strata to enhance monitoring, analysis, and early warning of environmental and climate-related security risks. The open-access mapping tool delivers custom data analytics and visualizations on area-specific, climate-related security hotspots.

This easy-to-use, geospatial platform supports project managers, analysts, and policy makers working in the fields of climate change adaptation, natural resource management, peace, and security in crisis-affected regions.

This agora session gave the audience a brief intro and demo of Strata’s pilot for the Horn of Africa region, after which participants could roll-up their sleeves to explore the tool themselves hands-on and elaborate on questions and ideas through spontaneous Q&A.


The panel considered how to make sense of the complex issue of climate change and socially vulnerable groups. Climate change-linked risks include food scarcity, environmental terrorism, and agro-pastoral competition in this regard. The Strata project aims to boost capacity on understanding these risks and on how to deal with them, using almost real-time geospatial data to identify hotspots. The system is not an early warning system in itself but can be used as part of an early warning system with quantitative onsite data.

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University of Edinburgh


Environmental Security Analyst
UN Environment