Promoting an effective and impactful development cooperation policy on climate change

Showcasing the study on the EU and its Member States mobilizing Public Sector Expertise for Development

Public Sector Expertise (PSE) is a type of development cooperation that generates spaces for exchange, alliances and relationships of trust between administrations, accompanying public policy reform processes for the benefit of people and planet. Based on the exchange of good practices between civil servants, PSE is particularly valuable for a value-based and interest-driven EU and its MS external action and cooperation. Particularly, to implement A2030 and Paris Agreement and in that sense, accompany climate public policy reform processes in partner countries. As proved by EU and its MSOs joint implementation programmes like EUROCLIMA+, peer-to-peer exchange fosters policy dialogue and reforms while building valuable climate change related networks of experts and policymakers in a cost-effective way.

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Officer, Brussels Office
Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas
Sinead CRANE
Marketing and communications advisor
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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