Strengthening national PATHways for a global One Health vision

Delivering on the One Health Joint Plan of Action of the Quadripartite (FAO, WOAH, WHO and UNEP)

Brainstorming Room 1
Brainstorming Sessions
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
09:30 to 10:15

In 2021-22, the Quadripartite developed the One Health Joint Plan of Action (2022-2026) which is intended to guide the four organizations to work together on One Health with the aim of supporting their Members/Member states and key stakeholders to strengthen One Health capacities, policies, approaches and leverage the needed investments to mainstream One Health globally and locally. It provides a framework for action and proposes a set of activities and integrated package of services that the four organizations can offer together to advance and sustainably scale up One Health. Within this session, the organisers invited the audience - a wide range of stakeholders - to help build ideas, propose concrete recommendations and practical solutions on how strengthen a One Health approach at regional and national level, and how the Joint Plan of Action can support implementation at scale. 

The session aimed to: 

  • Raise awareness on the importance of the One Health approach at all levels, challenges and opportunities for countries and how the Quadripartite One Health Joint Plan of Action (OH JPA) offers an integrated package of support.

  • Gain audience's perspectives and suggested solutions on how to strengthen a OH approach at country/regional level. These will inform the Quadripartite OH JPA implementation plan and how to best offer an integrated support package to countries.


The speakers outlined the benefits of a ‘One Health’ approach. The health of animals, plants, the planet and humans are connected and taking a holistic approach can lead to better outcomes for all, including reducing risks from future zoonotic epidemics.

Panellists also discussed the challenges of collaborating across diverse organisations and the need for ideas to be translated both into other languages and into the language used by other institutions. They highlighted the importance of tailoring action plans to a country’s specific needs.

Organised by


Professor of Global One Health and Co(joint)-Director Center for Global Health at the Technical University of Munich
Technical University Munich
Director Green Deal, Digital Agenda at INTPA
UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)
Chief Veterinary Officer, Director, Joint Zoonotic Diseases and AMR Centre (CJWZ),
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Peter Sousa HOEJSKOV
Technical Officer
World Health Organization
Regional Representative for Europe
World Organization for Animal Health (founded as OIE)

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