Social Transformation and Experiences of Overcoming Internet Shut-outs

Experiences in Kenya and Timbuktu

Agora space
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
16:30 to 16:50

This session facilitated by the ICC Trust Fund for Victims and Research Advisors and Experts Europe looked at how religious and community leaders, including women's leaders, are working with internet-based communication to create awareness of situations where atrocities are committed on vulnerable communities in informal settlements. The sessions heard from examples in Nairobi (Tangaza University) and Timbuktu. The discussion focused on intra-religious and community dialogue in the digital era.


This panel looked at how technology enabled the payment of reparations regarding crimes committed in Timbuktu in 2012, despite government restrictions put on some online activity and jihadi attacks on internet infrastructure. People eligible to claim reparations were able to submit information via WhatsApp and then delete their information, with cash then being transferred entirely by phone. The panel concluded that in Africa, where more than 60% of the population is 35 or younger, the internet should be used to promote democracy. Digital engagement would also help to harness the skills of a young workforce in countries struggling with unemployment.


Director - AACC African Union Office & Advocacy
All Africa Conference of Churches
Tutor in multidisciplinary approach to social transformation across Africa
The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Associate Legal Officer
Trust Fund for Victims

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