The EU’s Global Gateway: market creation or international development?

This session will focus on aims and objectives of EU's Global Gateway.

Agora space
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
11:40 to 12:00

This session launched a joint report authored by Eurodad and Counterbalance  exploring  the EU’s new flagship Initiative The EU Global Gateway. The Global Gateway is a plan to support infrastructure development around the world, mobilising €300 billion between 2021-27 for connectivity projects, notably in the digital, climate, energy, transport, health and education. While being hailed as an innovation for EU development policy, the initiative raises many questions in relation to competing geopolitical interests, repackaging of existing commitments from European DFIs, and the developmental demands of the recipient countries. Main objectives of the session were to present new findings on infrastructure investments under the Global Gateway in line with themes of EDD2022.


The extent to which new initiatives promote sustainable development and poverty alleviation, rather than simply repackaging existing support measures, provided focus for this panel. Sustainable projects, ranging from deep sea cables to vaccine development, need time to develop and must bring together all of Team Europe. The public and private sectors must be brought together to deliver on the ground. All actors concluded that the EU Global Gateway needs to be given a chance to prove itself.

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European Network on Debt and Development
Director at INTPA
European Parliament