Keep Calm & Get Energized: A Climate Game

Get energized with a constructive narrative on climate through fun and play

Brainstorming Room 2
Brainstorming Sessions
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
12:30 to 13:15

In this highly interactive and engaging event we explored through a collaborative climate board game how we can rewrite the narrative of climate change. Through the workshop, participants were challenged to rethink the “doom and gloom” climate narrative, and engage with those working in different sectors through play and tangible experiences. The participants were also inspired by innovative climate communication which brings in positive balance to a largely technical space, while forming new connections with other EDD participants in an open and welcoming meeting place.


Participants played an adapted version of the ‘Minions of Disruptions’ collaborative game, with the aim being to help local communities reflect on the choices they can make with their limited resources while empowering them to tackle key issues.

The game was adapted to be played in rural Kenyan communities where literacy rates may be limited, with a focus on five key elements: water, cattle, milk, pastureland and cooking. It aims to increase marginalised groups’ knowledge on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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Day of Adaptation

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Keep Calm & Get Energized: A Climate Game

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