Tables rather than desks, for more inclusive response to the climate crisis

Aligning investments and interests on just energy transition with shared policies and development priorities through the policy first principle (* Policy first principle is a methodological approach defending that the joint identification of shared (EU, MS, partner countries) policy priorities requires structured, permanent, and tailor-made dialogue mechanisms with partner countries during both programming and implementation)

Studio 3
High-Level Panels
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
16:05 to 17:05

The added value of Global Gateway as an investment strategy and Team Europe as an approach is about "what and for whom" rather than "how much”. This HLP will discuss how to put the Working Better Together and policy first principles into action through stronger partnerships to achieve coherence and collective transformational impact on Just Energy Transition, to ensure energy security, with low-carbon and resilient development trajectories that guarantee affordable access to energy for all. This panel will debate how to involve partner countries’ governments, implementing organisations, EU and development financial institutions, the private sector and civil society in strategic partnerships, as well as jointly implemented initiatives for effective responses aligned with Green, Just and Inclusive Transition under the Global Gateway theme #2 Climate and Energy. All partners can play a key role to ensure sustainable growth.

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