Digital Inclusion within development actions in post-COVID times

It is not about headsets, it is about mindsets

Brainstorming Room 1
Brainstorming Sessions
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
12:00 to 12:45

The session focused on the issue of 21st century digital inclusion and worked out some key features that development actions should have to be really (digitally) inclusive for all stakeholders. We started from the results of the 2021 ITC-ILO Digital Inclusion Summit, reviewing the new understandings of digital connectivity (what it really means to be connected?), digital literacy (how literacies are changing in our polarised societies?) and digital tools (how to move towards digitally inclusive services by design?). Participants started from the 42 practical tips which emerged from the Summit and worked to transform them into concrete recommendations for development actions in the field of digitalisation, to enable these to help partner countries address the digital divide and further integrate into the global digital ecosystem.


After an introduction that covered ideas concerning digital connectivity, digital literacy, digital services and content and radical inclusion, participants broke out into four groups. They were tasked with selecting what they considered to be the two most relevant tips for a more digitally inclusive future from 42 options that were laid out on postcards. After discussing the options, a spokesperson from each group reported back on what they had chosen and why.

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Human Capital Development Expert
European Training Foundation
Team Leader Strategic Communication
European Training Foundation
Associate Programme Officer
ITC ILO (International Training Center of the ILO)
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Digital Inclusion within development actions in post-COVID times

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