The Green Dilemma in Latin America

Strengthening the EU-LAC partnership for a green and just transition

Studio 3
High-Level Panels
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
11:10 to 12:10

The green transition has long proved a central theme in Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) – European Union strategic partnership. LAC and Europe currently work towards a renewed partnership strategy, impacted by the context of the double crisis faced worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic with recovery efforts focused on carbonisation and green transitions are now coupled with the Ukrainian conflict's far-reaching systemic impacts, currently shaping processes related to economic development and the green transition. Countries in LAC will have to face complex choices related to social justice and decarbonisation, envisaging options for a social and economic transformation.

Against this backdrop, building a strong EU-LAC partnership can help facilitate the region’s policy choices, while taking into consideration the international spill-overs of environmental policies abroad and their effect in undermining LAC countries' development objectives. The Green Deal, for instance, demonstrates how to address environmental challenges while promoting the implementation of ambitious policies aiming at a green transition, capable of boosting citizens’ well-being.

What opportunities can the green transition bring to the EU-LAC partnership? How can the two regions build a strong “green alliance” to boost the green transition in LAC while also facing its potential adverse impacts? How could this “green alliance” ensure aligning the ecological, social and economic transformations in LAC countries?

Organised by

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNECLAC)

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