Sustainable cities as vehicles of green, productive, just, and smart development

Linking investment in regional and urban infrastructure to the role of cities in economic transformation

Studio 4
High-Level Panels
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
09:40 to 10:40

EU Global Gateway Strategy shifts the emphasis of ODA to investment in major infrastructure through blended finance and guarantees. Linking investment in regional and urban infrastructure and the role of cities and urban development to structural transformation of national economy is an important prerequisite to synergetic and sustainable investment at different territorial scales. Territorial analysis and monitoring of impact of investment in infrastructure and urban development can help achieve important synergies of large and medium-size investment creating important evidence for policy decisions. It requires conducting territorial analysis, cooperation across levels and sectors of governance, and close monitoring of the impact of investment to productive and equitable development.


The panelists stressed that corridors are not only about connecting cities to cities, but also about connecting rural areas. Rural areas need to be linked to cities in terms of access to digitalisation, energy supply, and trade possibilities. At the same time, local governance and trust in its leadership must be strengthened through building true partnerships with local, public and private actors. The territorial approach is fundamental to delivering on the SDGs.

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Director a.i., Gender, Poverty and Social Policy Division
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
EDD Young Leader Chile/Slovakia World Food Forum Youth Leader
Urban development, smart and interconnected cities
Senior Director Trade Environment
TradeMark East Africa
Josefa SACKO
Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment
Marjeta JAGER
Deputy Director-General Directorate General for International Partnerships
Thomas GASS
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

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Sustainable cities as vehicles of green, productive, just, and smart development