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The Programme for Social Cohesion in Latin America, EUROsociAL+, has promoted the Photo Contest 'Miradas Cruzadas for the Social Cohesion', a project that calls for global participation, focusing on the different realities in which both Latin America and Europe are immersed. The subject of this call will range from major social changes to the permanence of social and cultural structures or how reconstruction, recovery and resilience are aspects that are being promoted in the current context.

The main objective of ‘Miradas Cruzadas' is to offer a polyhedral and panoramic viewpoint, particularly on real-life situations in Latin America and Europe. Diverse perspectives through images on the current context, with shared questions and problems that enable answers and solutions that are also common: diverse perspectives in the context of social cohesion. The physical distance and emotional proximity that we are witnessing, the strategies for coping with and recovering from Covid-19, the new pacts and social initiatives, the visibility of the different strategies and rhythms to deal with this global phenomenon, the feeling of uncertainty, the crisis of interpersonal confidence and in the institutions, the losses or the presence of that which cannot be repaired, undoubtedly define this period. What unites us and what separates us? What place does care have in re-establishing social protection and a people-centred economy? Social distance versus social cohesion, territory, participation, creativity, innovation, resilience, eco-social sustainability, etc. These, and many other possible themes are coordinated to enable us look at each other mutually, to share a reflection from images and photography, seeking to recognise each other

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