Bringing people at the centre of the AU-EU digital partnership

How to put our shared digital principles into action?

Brainstorming Room 1
Brainstorming Sessions
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
12:45 to 13:30

Facilitated by the AU-EU Digital for Development (D4D) Hub, this brainstorming session brought the EDD community together to discuss how to promote a human-centric digital transformation in the context of Africa-Europe relations. Its purpose was to gather views on the principles that should guide joint digital initiatives, raise new ideas on how to translate such principles into actionable guidelines, and share implementation experiences. The results of the session will be published in a report which will be delivered to African and European policymakers and inform the AU-EU D4D Hub’s activities.


The session invited the participants to discuss how human-centric digital transformation can be shaped through the principles of inclusiveness, a sustainable transition, full participation, and privacy and security. The participants agreed that a two-way conversation between the AU and the EU and new opportunities for collaboration is the way to create inclusiveness, while a regulatory framework is needed to guarantee a sustainable transition. The importance of opening a space for feedback was highlighted as a key factor for full participation. The involvement of public, private and grassroot sectors in ensuring digital rights was suggested as a way to provide digital privacy and security.

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Facilitator & OD/Leadership Consultant
SenseTribe Consulting SL
SenseTribe Consulting SL
Coordinator AU-EU D4D Hub
AU-EU Digital for Development Hub

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Bringing people at the centre of the AU-EU digital partnership