5-6 JUNE 2018 / Tour & Taxis / Brussels

Tackling Gender-Based Violence at work

Identifying, mitigating and pre-empting risk factors

Brainstorming lab
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
10:45 to 12:00

Gender-based violence is prevalent in women’s lives in and outside the workplace and all too often shuts down the horizons of their economic empowerment. It has devastating effects on people's lives and pervades even the most egalitarian of societies. While the consequences afflict individuals at a most personal level, an important body of work has been developed which identifies key structural components that magnify risks. In response, various actors - governments, international institutions, employers, NGOs and workers themselves - are applying innovative approaches to addressing this risk. Making the most of the presence of these very actors at the EDDs, this session brings them together in one room to share experiences, barriers and solutions to tackling gender-based violence at work.

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Khouloud Mannai
Medical Intern
Trade Union Tunisia
Fleur Rondelez
Communication Officer
International Labour Organization
Tamara Gausi
Equal Times
Bridget Amenfi
Young Urban Women's movement