Radio Ndeke Luka: access to information & response to the digital divide in CAR

How a mix of traditional media and digital technologies can counter dis/misinformation in one of the most fragile countries in the world.

Global Village / Stand

In the most fragile societies such as the Central African Republic, mis/disinformation aggravates conflict resolution, hinders the efforts of the international community and reinforces divisions. Since the end of 2020, Radio Ndeke Luka, the most listened-to media in CAR has been implementing an ambitious program mixing traditional media and online digital tools to counter disinformation, improve access to reliable information, break the digital divide and improve education through media. Branded #StopAtènè (“Stop rumours” in Sango language), this program is supported by the European Union.

Organised by


Head of Communication & External Relations
Fondation Hirondelle

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