Conversion of public debt for investments in public health for resilience

Release G20 and the SDG compliant approach to debt conversion for public health to build the resilience of health systems

Studio 3
Lab Debate
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
11:10 to 11:55

Funding the international cooperation for Sustainable Development suffers from sustainability issues and it is worsening due to the Covid-19 pandemic. RELEASE G20 initiative calls for debt reduction with the creation by the debtor country of a Sustainable Development - SDG FUND to accelerate sustainable investment in infrastructure and services. Health, as a development issue, continues to have a significant impact on the economic and social security of countries and regions across Africa. Africa’s underlying burden of endemic diseases is the largest in the world. To prevent future epidemics and to address the growing issue of antimicrobial resistance African governments need to invest heavily in epidemic surveillance, laboratory infrastructure and human resources development.


The speakers discussed how financing can most effectively support a strong healthcare system in Africa. Governance emerged as a key theme, along with capacity building and better resource allocation. Comprehensive debt swaps were highlighted as a promising financial tool for converting debt into useful investment vis-à-vis the SDGs. The amount of funding allocated to low income countries was also mentioned. Larger financial commitments from EU Member States are required, as is better regulation which supports the local level. The need to strengthen community surveillance and ensure that research facilities can quickly detect and respond to infectious diseases was also stressed.


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Jackline KIARIE
Regional Programme Manager
Amref Health Africa
Senior Technical Advisor Programmes in Uganda
Doctors With Africa CUAMM
Senior Executive, Head of Economic Recovery and Transformation
European Centre for Development Policy Management
Head of Unit INTPA E1
European Commission- DG INTPA

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Conversion of public debt for investments in public health for resilience

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