Youth-Led Research to promote Decarbonization

TV Studio 5
Young Leader Interview
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
17:00 to 17:10

To promote green and economic development in multiple sectors of the society, Honduras, the most climate-vulnerable country in the world, aims at an economy-wide decarbonization before 2050. Intestingly, it is the youth of Honduras leading the efforts to promote decarbonization through a science-based approach to engage in innovative projects to find the best alternatives for a green deal.

Ricardo, along with a team of 20 young researchers in Sustenta Honduras, is developing research projects in the sectors of energy, transport, urbanism, agriculture, forests, waste management, and watersheds. He is involved in research projects to map the forests of the country in an effort to tackle deforestation, and map communities without electricity to create microgrids. Collectively, the youth has promoted alliances with 10 international universities, and is now working as volunteers to publish scientific reports to establish the foundations of a national decarbonization.

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Thematic Moderator, Transboundary Watersheds
Ricardo Andres PINEDA GUZMAN
EDD Young Leader, Honduras