The role of AICS in the protection of coastal and marine Habitats in the QNP

Project Pharo: to contribute to harmonising the socio-economic development of the coastal area of the Quirimbas National Park with the protection of the territory

TV Studio 2
Stand Interview
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
11:40 to 11:50

The interview aims at promoting AICS role, through project Pharo, in the conservation of the biodiversity and the economic, cultural and social development of the populations living in the coastal area of the Quirimbas Park through an integrated approach that included four main components: improvement of the management of QNP coastal area; improvement of fishing practices in order to preserve and maintain marine resources and improve food security of local population; support to small local entrepreneurial activities through training and financial support; construction of the Quirimbas Ecolodge, a place of hospitality, training for local communities and students, and a place of cultural exchange between visitors, students and communities. 

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