Data by and for Indigenous Peoples

The Indigenous Navigator as a tool to document and support the realisation of Indigenous Peoples rights

TV Studio 3
Stand Interview
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
11:40 to 11:50

The Indigenous Navigator is an indigenous led initiative covering 11 countries. The Navigator’s framework focuses on rights promotion, monitoring the UNDRIP & safeguarding IP rights globally. 57 small grants are being implemented in 11 countries, focusing on a range of IPs priorities including protection & revitalisation of lands and safeguarding the environment. The Navigator framework is open to all, & capacity is built so that communities can continue to concretise their priorities after the projects end. Docip provides technical & advocacy support for IPs’ participation in EU/UN mechanisms in line with EDD’s commitment to “mainstream Indigenous Peoples throughout the EDD”. Together these initiatives work to ensure Indigenous Peoples voices can be heard in these global spaces.

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Thematic Moderator, Indigenous People and local Communities
Indigenous Peoples Major Group
Senior Policy Advisor at Forest Peoples Programme