International Trade Centre (ITC): Small businesses go green to compete

We put small firms in developing countries at the heart of the green recovery.

TV Studio 5
Stand Interview
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
17:10 to 17:20

Small businesses in developing countries, especially those led by women, young people and other vulnerable groups, are hardest hit by economic effects of the pandemic. The International Trade Centre supports them to succeed in a green recovery.

As the joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, we support green trade and investment policies and a business environment in which small businesses can seize green business opportunities.

Find out how we work with small businesses to become more resilient and prepared to face the looming climate crisis. With a focus on circularity and biodiversity, we join forces with development partners such as the European Union, business support organizations, governments, and lead firms in international value chains. 

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Tamsin ROSE
Thematic Moderator, Green Economy-related Education and Training
Executive Director
International Trade Centre
Annegret BRAUSS
Coordinator GreenToCompete Initiative
International Trade Centre