Championing change to more sustainable wildlife consumption in China

Engaging China’s consumer, public and private sectors to reduce the demand for pangolins and the unsustainable consumption of rosewood

TV Studio 2
Stand Interview
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
16:00 to 16:10

The unsustainable consumption of wildlife is a major threat to species globally. TRAFFIC led the “China Champions of Change” project to tackle illegal and unsustainable consumption of pangolins and rosewood. The outputs of the project, including research studies, events, and targeted campaigns, had a significant impact on the Chinese government, on several industry sectors including timber, collection, e commerce and tourism, and on consumers of pangolin and rosewood products. For example, the national protection level for pangolins was upgraded from Class II to Class I (China) in 2020. Pangolin scales were removed from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia as a raw material for traditional medicine. Moreover, 13 leading timber companies signed an “Initiative Against Illegal Wildlife Trade” pledge.

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Annelies BECK
Thematic Moderator, Wildlife, Security and Development
Ling XU
China Office Director
Programme Officer