Serious health & climate impacts of wildlife crime force transformative change

COVID-19 linked to illegal wildlife, record seizures, evidence of wildlife crime exacerbating climate change, mean urgent action is needed

TV Studio 2
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
14:50 to 15:00

As demand for wildlife increases, we are seeing unprecedented impacts from the illegal wildlife trade, including:global health and economic impacts of viruses (bought to attention by COVID-19); the climate crisis exacerbated by ecosystems degraded by the trade; declining biodiversity; and billions of dollars in lost tax revenues globally. Remarkably, there is no global legal agreement on wildlife crime, and CITES, a trade-related conservation convention is not designed for this purpose. The session proposes that transformative change in the form of an internationally-agreed protocol under UNCTOC, is urgently needed to combat the organized, transnational illegal wildlife trade to address the unfolding crises, also recognizing the need for better managed biodiverse right places working with local communities. 

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Annelies BECK
Thematic Moderator, Wildlife, Security and Development
Chair, Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime
ADM Capital Foundation