Youth voices for the planet

Towards an inclusive global decision-making

All over the world, young people are demanding urgent climate action. Their message is clear: the older generation has failed, and it is the young who will pay in full — with their very futures. Last year, the United Nations launched a global consultation to mark its 75th anniversary. Through surveys and dialogues, it asked people about their hopes and fears for the future. One of the key findings was that respondents want the UN to be more inclusive of the diversity of actors in the 21st century, including youth.

Key points

In this session, the UN invites you for an interactive brainstorm around the following question: how can we transform the multilateral system to make sure youth voices are better heard? Four breakout rooms, moderated by youth activists and UN specialists will approach this question from different angles, touching upon topics including climate change adaptation and mitigation and ensuring a just transition along the way, making sure no one is left behind.

The conversation from this brainstorming lab will feed into the ‘Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition’ event that will be held in Milan from 28-30 September 2021, when almost 400 young people will come together to elaborate concrete proposals on topics that affect the negotiation process of COP26 in Glasgow.


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Senior Advisor, Climate Ambition Team, Executive Office of the Secretary-General at United Nations
United Nations
Marie-Claire GRAF
YOUNGO Focal Point at UNFCCC & Co-Founder Sustainability Week for Business
David Watson MWABILA
EDD Young Leader, Zambia
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Change For Planet (CMO) Digital Communications Specialist at UNCTAD Youth
Amanda KRON
OHCHR Associate Expert on Climate Change and Environment
Deputy Executive Director of the Environment Shield
Global Event Strategist at the SDG Action Campaign