Sharing and Circular Economy: Introducing E-Mobility Business Models for Sub-Sahara Africa

E-Mobility lab: E-Mobility as a driver to enhance economic capacities, unlock local production and provide environmental friendly transport solutions for rural African communities. Business models, success stories, learnings and scaling opportunities.

TV Studio 5
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
11:40 to 11:50

Siemens Stiftung (Foundation) and UNEP will present learnings and failures from introducing 2-wheelers (e-cargo bikes, e-motorbikes) and e-outboard engines to Kenya and Uganda. 
Participants will learn about sharing economy business models (leasing, swapping, charging station model, battery leasing model etc.), financing approaches (PAYGO; CO2 compensation etc.) and other important factors (gender, policy etc.) to have success with e-mobility at Base of Pyramid markets in Sub Saharan Africa. Participants will also learn how development partners are using lessons learned from EV pilots to support governments in the development of coherent policy frameworks to see to a sustainable transition from internal combustion engine to electric mobility.

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Thematic Moderator, Green and Circular Economy
Head E-Mobility
Siemens Stiftung
Alexander KOERNER
Programme Officer Sustainable Mobility Unit
UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)