Are natural solutions fit for climate only?

Connecting the dots of multiple 2030 goals and targets by integrating nature in decision making processes and investments

TV Studio 2
High-level panel - Auditorium
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
09:25 to 10:25

Well-managed ecosystems, such as wetlands, forests and coastal systems, act as natural infrastructure, reducing physical exposure to many hazards and increasing socio-economic resilience of people and communities by sustaining local livelihoods and providing essential natural resources such as food, water and building materials[1].

Panellists will share community -based eco-DRR examples and raise awareness on the need to scaling up investments in NBS; recognising that avoiding further degradation of  ecosystems and integrating nature into the design of infrastructure and development projects is key and cost-effective to achieve not only climate goals but also Agenda 2030, biodiversity and  DRR targets.


[1] Pedrr

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