Guiana Shield: the essential role of nature in solving the global climate crisis

Building a Green Alliance for the Guiana Shield to mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and secure sustainable livelihoods

TV Studio 5
Lab debate
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
10:50 to 11:35

The largest tract of primary tropical forest left on Earth, the Guiana Shield, plays a critical role in mitigating climate change and conserving globally important biodiversity and the livelihoods of culturally rich communities. The region contains the highest percentage of primary forest cover (>90% intact), one of the lowest human population densities and produces up to 15% of the world’s freshwater.

But the forests of the Guiana Shield are under threat from logging, mining, agriculture and roads. Recent offshore oil finds will bring unprecedented revenue to the Guianas, but if not well managed, will further threaten the region’s vast natural ecosystems.

This session will take the audience on a visual journey of the Guianas and lead an interactive dialog on a plan to conserve the Guianas for all.

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Senior Advisor of Communication, Strategy and Development (Guyana)
Conservation International
Executive Director, Suriname
Conservation International
Gwendolyn SMITH
Co-Founder & Chair
Green Growth Suriname Foundation
Guyana Marine Conservation Society