Partnering with indigenous communities to respect Human Rights in business

Experiences & Guidelines: partnering with indigenous peoples to respect Human Rights in business and protect biodiversity and ecosystems.

TV Studio 3
Lab debate
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
10:50 to 11:35

The session will open the debate on the instruments and processes to safeguard Indigenous Peoples (IP) Rights in the development of business activities in their lands. Speakers (IPrepresentatives, experts in Business and HR and private and public sector representatives) will
showcase examples of good practices of IP and public and private sectors working together to build sustainable business projects, respecting Human Rights and protecting the environment. Beyond showcasing these good practices, the session will present and discuss practical guidelines to build relationships of mutual trust between the three actors, recognizing and ensuring IP rights and their role as environmental custodians and reinforcing national frameworks that guaranty respect of Human Rights.

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Communication Manager
ZABALA Innovation Consulting
Lawyer and activist - Justice and Human Rights of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua
Justice and Human Rights of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua
Carlos Mario ZAPATA
MITOKWA Foundation
Sebastien PORTER
Programme Manager
European Commission - Directorate-General for International Partnerships