How new technologies in social and health services can protect the most vulnerable people in Africa

TV Studio 4
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
14:50 to 15:00

Supporting digital growth in Africa is one of SATEC’s pillars, seeking to contribute to poverty reduction and quality of life, through digital transformation. We provide innovative solutions for the vulnerable by combining our e-health experience along with our presence Africa (+ 30 years). Some projects are in the Hospital Bon Samaritain of Chad or the Oriental Region of Morocco.

Our vision in e-health is presented around (1) Remote teleconsultation and telemonitoring addressing the lack of health specialists (2) Artificial Intelligence and Data Management for an integrated vision. The aim is to improve health assistance, decision-making, and monitoring of Public Health (e.g. response to Covid19, Malaria, etc.) by providing connectivity, automation, IT solutions and knowledge-sharing.

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Angela WEIS
Thematic Moderator, Research, Data and new Technologies
Jose Ignacio VENCES
Operations deputy director
Business development Consultant, Spealist in E-Health