Reaching the SGDs by bike - How mobility fosters development in rural settings

World Bicycle Relief addresses systemic challenges of distance and last mile mobility by providing a sustainable transportation solution

Rural mobility is an essential element to achieve the SDGs. More than a billion people in rural developing regions lack access to reliable roads and affordable transportation hindering economic & social development in regions where distance is a barrier. World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is a catalyst for change, helping people in need realize their goals by providing access to education, markets, health facilities & vital services with the tool they need to thrive. Equipped with a purpose-designed, high-quality Buffalo Bicycle, students, health workers & entrepreneurs create opportunities for themselves, their families & communities.

By working with partners, training local mechanics, providing market-based access to spare parts & nurturing community ownership of programming, WBR supports long-term impact & a vibrant mobility support network. To date: 557,000+ bicycles delivered; 2300+ field mechanics trained.


Key points

Rural developing regions are disproportionately affected by the negative impacts of climate change and are often least able to cope due to their structural constraints and geographical disadvantages. Mobility is the lifeblood of communities. It’s empowering people and making them more resilient to climate change and augmenting mitigation and adaptation efforts – all that without releasing additional CO2 emissions. With bicycles girls and women can access education and health care services contributing to protecting climate. Bicycles increase access to water sources and increase productivity and efficiency in the way food is grown.

WBR partners with communities to create holistic change at scale through integrated, multi-year, multi-sector programming. After an assessment of needs and potential impact of bicycle programming, local committees within each community shape and manage programs to fit their needs.

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