Facilitating access to climate finance through effective multilevel governance

Successful multi level cooperation for developing, financing and implementing low-emission, integrated climate action in cities

TV Studio 2
Project or report lab
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
13:00 to 13:45

A majority of the global population is forecast to live in urban areas. This puts city and local governments at the forefront of implementing the changes and actions necessary for transitioning towards a sustainable local future, meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. With the global COVID19 pandemic further exacerbating social and economic challenges, realising this transition and accelerating climate action hinges on the ability of all levels of government, financial institutions and stakeholders to identify and channel available funding opportunities by supporting and facilitating the development of bankable projects.

This session will explore solutions for bridging the climate action finance gap via more effective multi-level governance, showcase examples of effective peer-learning on funding, implementing effective climate actions and strategies developed among cities from Africa, Asia and Europe, taking part in the Urban-LEDS II project.

Key points

The scale and pace of the interconnected transformations necessary to meet the Paris Agreement, and the SDGs, in a post-COVID recovery phase requires all levels of government to create frameworks that enable tangible action and redefine how national and local priorities are harmonised, as well as how collaboration and progress across levels and sectors is organised, financed and monitored. Urban-LEDS II cities & session partners are cooperating and scaling-up green and sustainable development and innovative financing in 60 local governments across 4 continents.

The highly diverse backgrounds within which presenting cities act make the established practices highly relevant, beneficial and transferable for a multitude of participants. Speaker participation is facilitated as part of the project.

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Coordinator for Sustainable Resources & Climate Resilience
ICLEI (ICLEI-local governments for sustainability)
Project Analysis Specialist at FONERWA
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Gwalior Municipal Organisation
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