Boosting circularity in the global textile industry

A catalyst for environmental and social transformation in developing countries

TV Studio 4
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
16:00 to 16:10

With an annual production of 150 billion clothes for only 7 billion humans, textile is one of the most polluting and most a highly energy-intensive industry. Consequently, it has been identified as one of the target industries in the European Green Deal. Its transformation into a circular model would bring enormous benefits for the environment, by reducing CO2 emissions, and for vulnerable communities in developing countries, by creating jobs, providing affordable clothing, and raising funds that can be reinvested in sustainable development projects.

Participants will discuss how the application of the EU waste hierarchy principles and circularity can transform textile management into a catalyst of the EU Green Deal, the European Consensus on Development and ultimately, the SDGs.

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Thematic Moderator, Pollution and Chemicals
Team Leader, Circular Economy
European Commission - DG for Environment
Environment and Recycling Advisor
Humana People to People