Save Lives, Protect Food and Slow Climate Change – all at once

An all-of-government approach is needed to maximise benefits for climate and development by 2030. So how do you get all of your government to the table?

TV Studio 4
Lab debate
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
16:20 to 17:05

By integrating action on climate change and air pollution, countries can help reduce the rate of global warming this decade – while also achieving quick development benefits in sectors such as health, energy, agriculture and transport.

The strategies to jointly address air pollution and climate change are cost-effective, can be implemented now, and importantly can yield results by 2030.

Plus connecting climate change and health can be an important driver for action and help attracting international support.

To date, 8 governments have taken this on board in their national climate and development plans. This session will look at the experiences of Kenya, Maldives and Nigeria – and discuss how other countries can take up this opportunity.

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CCAC Special Representative for Action on Methane and Chair of Science Advisory Panel
SLCP Consultant
Air Quality Management Officer
Graciela RAGA
Senior Scientist and Professor