Earth observation: a game changer for the Green Deal

The use of earth observation data for achieving and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals.

TV Studio 4
High-level panel - Auditorium
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
13:45 to 14:45

Specialists from leading space and earth observation agencies and organisations will debate in this high level panel about Earth Observation and it's use and potential for the green development and Sustainable Goals Agenda for 2030.

The participants are going to exchange their experience on how to make the most of the data generated from earth observations and how to apply it in development cooperation. It will showcase projects that have already benefited from Earth Observation and how they can be replicated and expand, in terms of sectors and geographically.

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Monika JONES
Deutsche Welle
Ambassador of the European Union to the Philippines
EDD Young Leader, Zimbabwe
Monica LOPEZ
Spanish Delegate at ESA Earth Observation Programme Board/Spanish representative in the Copernicus Committee
Head of the ESA Earth Observation Department "Science, Applications and Climate"