Joining efforts and cooperating around Innovative and Sustainable Cities

TV Studio 3
Lab debate
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
12:00 to 12:45

Half of humanity are living in towns and cities and this dynamic is increasing dramatically around the World.
Leaders and the International Community have agreed the 2030 should be the year to achieve a sustainable development that leaves no one, no place behind, and that we need to engage for a Decade of Action starting 2020.
During the WUF) 10, actors and stakeholders engaged in the dynamic of sustainable cities have presented, showed cases and shared innovative policies,  strategies, programs and projects.
In a world marked by multidimensional challenges, by the scarcity of resources and by the lack of skills, we need to support each other, to join our efforts and to cooperate so as not to reinvent the wheel. Cities, particularly in developing countries, need to learn from other cities, from other actors and stakeholders who have already implemented, experienced and successfully implemented innovative initiatives to make cities sustainable. 

Key points

The Event will be marqued by three moments:

1. First Roundtable: Listening to African Cities

  • Mayors from Africa (A Metropole, an Intermediary City and a Small City).
  • Mayors engaged in Decentralized Cooperation with African Cities.

2. Second Roundtable : Sharing Policies, Methodologies, Good practices in buidling and anchoring

  • Innovatives and Sustainable Cities
  • UCLG-Africa
  • UN Habitat (TBC)
  • Representative of OECD (TBC).
  • Representative of the World Bank (TBC).
  • Representative from Cities alliance (TBC).
  • Representative of the African Union of Architects(AUA).
  • Representative from Catalonia (TBC).

3. 3rd Roundtable : Taking away and exploring niches of collaboration, cooperation and partnerships

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