Opening access to biodiversity data for development

Best practice and ongoing opportunities for capacity development to increase the availability of biodiversity data to support decisions

TV Studio 4
Project or report lab
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
16:10 to 16:55

While the need to integrate scientific knowledge about biodiversity into decision-making processes is widely recognized, the availability of open biodiversity data and the capacity to use it remain limited. This not only impacts conservation efforts, but also resource management and biodiversity-related intergovernmental processes. This session will present best practices identified within the Global Biodiversity Information facility (GBIF)-led Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme, funded by the European Union. We share how BID projects in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific are contributing to filling knowledge gaps to support decision-making and scientific research, and how BID is developing regional capacity to empower local communities of practice. 

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Programme coordinator
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Melianie RAYMOND
Senior Programme Officer for Node Development
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Research officer
National Fisheries Research Institute
Benedictus FREEMAN
Liberia Technical Advisor
US Forest Service
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Global Biodiversity Information Facility