Predicting conflicts: the Water, Peace & Security partnership Early Warning Tool

Using machine learning, data and analysis to monitor water-related security threats and identify conflicts hotspots for timely action

TV Studio 5
Project or report lab
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
16:10 to 16:55

As linkages between water and conflict have received heightened attention, socio-technological advancements are increasingly seen as means to help relevant actors to identify, analyze and take steps to address water-related conflicts. In this session the Water, Peace and Security partnership will present its ‘Global Early Warning Tool’ to stimulate debate around Migration, Infrastructure, Community, Economy, Food, Governance, and Conflict. The Tool uses machine learning, remote sensing and multiple data sources to predict conflict events 12 months in advance. The session will start with an analysis of the major issues in the transboundary watershed sector, present the Tool and invite participants to share feedback on its functionality and features. We will explore how the tool can be used at the regional level and discuss a case study with panelists and audiences.

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Rolien SASSE
Advisor to the Water, Peace & Security partnership
Oumar ARBY
Programme Manager
International Alert
Aaron WOLF
Professor of Water Cooperation and Diplomacy, IHE-Delft
UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
Research Analyst
World Resources Institute