A One Health approach for pastoralism

Integrated responses to support sustainable livelihood, livestock productivity and natural resources management in pastoralist areas.

TV Studio 3
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
10:30 to 10:40

Pastoralists use with their livestock vast dry grasslands that can hardly be used for agriculture. Mobility and flexibility of most pastoralist communities allow to use natural resources sustainably, but population growth and climate change challenge these practices. Pastoralists face poor access to services (education, health, veterinary, environmental advisory) and land encroachment by farming, mining and other investments that block access to pasture and water. Interdisciplinary and multisectoral One Health approaches, based on a better understanding of the interlinkages between people, animals and the environment, lead to integrated service provision that foster economic growth and sustainable use of natural resources. Speakers will present examples and policy frameworks for implementation.

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Thematic Moderator, Indigenous People and local Communities
Zuleka MADER
HEAL Regional Project Interim Manager