Geographical Indications - An Opportunity for Biodiversity

How to leverage GIs to preserve local agrobiodiversity: examples and experiences from Africa.

TV Studio 4
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
12:50 to 13:00

Geographical Indications (GI) combine the market approach with the management and preservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage in a unique manner, particularly when developed together with local producers. The promotion of GI products benefit the local economy, while also preventing the disappearance of habitat and biodiversity resources, while  often having a lesser environmental impact than industrial methods. This session will present two specific cases of GI closely linked with biodiversity preservation in Africa: Ziama Macenta coffee from Guinea and Madd from Casamance, a forest fruit from Senegal.

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Florence RANSON
Thematic Moderator, Rural Transformation and Food Systems
Maimouna SAMBOU
GIE Casa Ecologie & APPIGMAC
Centre de recherche agronomique pour la Guinée forestière