DIGIPEER Digital Peer-Learning for CSOs in Development Cooperation

How can digitalization support cross-country stakeholder collaboration processes in development cooperation.

DIGIPEER is a digital peer-learning capacity building programme that helps civil society organisations in the development sector to implement projects with institutional partners in a more collaborative, effective, and results-oriented manner. Participants of this project build their capacities on practical development topics, approaches to stakeholder collaboration, and virtual dialogue platforms, including how the latter can be used to improve international cooperation.

DIGIPEER is most relevant for CSOs who are seeking for innovative and digital approaches to multi-stakeholder collaboration. It is also interesting for their implementation partners, such as Ministries, development agencies, social entrepreneurs, corporations.

Key points

  • 50 CSOs were surveyed and 15 CSOs interviewed for a study on international digital collaboration of German-based development CSOs.
  • 90 people were trained in digital stakeholder collaboration methodologies.
  • 9 projects were supported in Cambodia, Cameroon, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya, India, Malawi, Kosovo and South Africa to improve the situation of persons living with limited access to clean water, disadvantaged youth, disadvantaged producers and consumers, persons with limited food security, persons with limited access to healthcare services.

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