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Sustainability, Transparency and Consumer Awareness in Myanmar’s Textile and Garment Sector

TV Studio 4
Project or report lab
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
17:20 to 18:05

In Myanmar's garment and textile industry, over a half million new jobs have been created within the last five years. However, such rapid industrialization presents a host of challenges, e.g. regarding environmental impacts and working conditions.

The EU DEVCO funded SMART Textile & Garments project improves working conditions, promotes labour and environmental standards and reduces labour right abuses in the industry.

The session will showcase how the project upscales, expands and strengthens compliance with social and environmental standards. In addition, the project brings together the key players of the Myanmar garment industry who will discuss on the panel their views and experiences. In Europe, the project runs consumer awareness campaigns on sustainable fashion and consumption.

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SWITCH to Green Facility
Andrea HENAO
Managing Director
360 Agency Berlin
Senior Technical Expert
SMART Textile & Garments
Dr. Zaw OO
Managing Director
Centre for Economic and Social Development