It’s a match?! Linking Water, Energy and Food with the Private&Finance Sectors

The role of the private and finance sectors in increasing smallholder agricultural productivity and eradicating hunger in Africa.

TV Studio 2
Project or report lab
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
17:20 to 18:05

In Africa, there are about 33 million smallholder farmers who do not have access to Water-Energy-Food (WEF) innovations (e.g., Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems). Here, the local businesses and finance institutions are crucial in empowering farmers to access WEF solutions, not only to increase agricultural productivity, but also to promote gender equality and reduce rural poverty. However, what kind of business and financial models are needed to scale the solutions? How easy or difficult is it for businesses and finance institutions to develop customized solutions for smallholders? What are the hurdles and what is the path forward? 

In this session by energypedia and GIZ, representatives from the private & finance sector will share their experiences and recommendations for the future. 

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