Global Campus of Human Rights

“Changing the world, one course, one professor, one expert, one student at a time”

The Global Campus of Human Rights is the most extensive human rights education network in the world. Building on more than two decades of excellence in education, training and research within the fields of human rights and democratisation, it consists of about 100 leading universities. The network is coordinated by seven regional hubs, based in Venice (for Europe), Sarajevo/Bologna (for South East Europe), Pretoria (for Africa), Bangkok (for the Asia Pacific), Yerevan (for the Caucasus), Buenos Aires (for Latin America and the Caribbean) and Beirut (for the Arab World) – each offering a Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation. Beyond these programmes, the Global Campus engages in a wide range of additional activities to build capacity and raise awareness of human rights and democratisation

Key points

The Global Campus of Human Rights vision is to foster new generations of human rights defendersable to contribute to a world in which human dignity, equality, freedom, human security, sustainable development, democracy, the rule of law and respect for all human rights are realised. The mission is to: 

  • build human rights awareness
  • support the implementation of international human rights, democracy and the rule of law in national contexts
  • address challenges facing human rights and democracy
  • educate human rights defenders •advance, connect and coordinate cross-regional as well as interdisciplinary collaboration
  • provide innovative knowledge and technical expertise •focus on contemporary and cutting-edge thematic issues
  • prepare and support future change-makers •contribute to a just and sustainable future

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